SUPER-CHARGE your B2B software sales


OCTOBER 3-5, 2017 @ NAPLES, FL
Are You Struggling With These Critical Sales Breakdowns?
Low Win Rates

You can't find the right customers, don't have superior competitive position, and cannot develop an unassailable value proposition.
    Few Quality Leads

    Your sales campaigns can't grab prospect attention, don't nurture interest in your solution, and cannot develop prospective buyers.
      Small Deal Sizes

      You can't develop qualified buyers, don't demonstrate exclusive value, and cannot close profitable business.
      Long Sales Cycles

      You can't lead customers to repeat-buy, don't secure annual renewals, and cannot develop customer references.
      These Problems All Occur for the Same Reason:

      Because Your Sales Funnel Isn't OPTIMIZED for Selling Software
      3 Big Problems that BREAK Your Software Sales Funnel
      PROBLEM #1

      Your sales funnel is not complete.

      “Sales experts” write books about ideas. Sales trainers present general skills. They don’t help you get better sales outcomes.

      You’re on your own to assemble a sales machine from whatever fragments you can piece together.

      How will you win if you can't move smoothly from start to finish?

      PROBLEM #2

      Your sales funnels is not specific.

      Google the term “sales funnel.” You’ll see ambiguous models and colorful pictures. Generic sales funnels are a dime a dozen (and most of them aren't worth that).

      Selling software to businesses is the most challenging sales role on planet Earth.

      How will you succeed without tools built for the particular job?

      PROBLEM #3

      Your sales funnel is not "expert" enough.

      If you're relying upon incomplete, unspecific sales methods, then you didn't question the expertise of the people who built them.

      Software sales aren't like anything else. There are no "transferable skills."

      What happens if you place your trust in the wrong partners?
      Software Sales School Brings You Unmatched Expertise in the Business Software Industry
      The 3 big problems that break sales funnels happen because everyday "SALES EXPERTS" don't have enough expertise in B2B software sales. They unwittingly MISLEAD you and DAMAGE your sales.

      I'm Gregg Nichols. As Founder of Software Sales School, I bring hard-won experience in SIX ROLES dedicated to successful business software sales.

      That's right: SIX ROLES. When I say unmatched expertise, I mean it.

      Here are a few highlights:

      SALES: Achieved 130% quota on $5.8M target

      TECHNICAL SALES: Launched new product line for major reseller

      SALES TRAINING: Trained hundreds of strategic, territory, and reseller sales people

      MARKETING: Led strategic planning of $500M business line

      CONSULTING: Created and led rollout of $100M sales framework

      DEPLOYMENT: Designed and rolled-out application to network of 3,000 companies

      I've produced results in EVERY STAGE of B2B software sales.

      That's why I designed the COMPLETE, SPECIFIC, and EXPERT sales system just for your small software business: the B2B Software Sales Funnel.
      VP Services
      "Gregg is truly an executive coach with the credibility and intelligence to help leaders maximize performance."
      Account Manager
      "An extremely intelligent colleague, Gregg was professional, showed confidence in his work, created great rapport with customers, and showed great concern for knowing the customer's business."
      Chairman, PLM World
      "Gregg is a consummate professional with exceptional skills in technology to business alignment and communication.

      I would gladly work with Gregg again."
      TRANSFORM Your Business with the B2B Software Sales Funnel
      Ask Yourself These 4 Questions:

      Do you PREPARE to win or WING it? 
      Like a championship sports team, you increase win rates by preparing to win before you ever step onto the field.

      STAGE 1 of the B2B Software Sales Funnel teaches you to target your ideal customers, stake out a superior competitive position, and establish your unassailable value proposition.

      In B2B software sales, luck won't carry you. When you don't prepare the RIGHT way, you can't win. You don't even get to play in the big games.

      Learn how to identify the customers you can win BEFORE you invest your time and money.
      Do you SHEPHERD prospects or LOSE them?
      You increase quality leads by correctly engaging your prospects on their BUYER'S JOURNEY.

      STAGE 2 of the B2B Software Sales Funnel teaches you to grab the attention of your prospects, nurture interest in your solution, and develop enthusiastic prospective buyers.

      In B2B software sales, you guide your prospects toward improved results. When you fail to show the way, they wander off the path (and buy something else).

      Learn to READY more prospects for the sale, PRIME your sales pipeline, and SIDESTEP the least likely to buy.
      Do you CULTIVATE value or SETTLE for scraps?
      Software is an intangible product. It has no value without context. You increase deal sizes by skillfully collaborating with prospects to develop opportunities.

      STAGE 3 of the B2B Software Sales Funnel teaches you to develop qualified buyers, demonstrate exclusive value, and close profitable business.

      In B2B sofwtare sales, you close big deals when the customer AGREES with your value. Otherwise, you DISCOUNT away your profit.

      Learn to PROMOTE larger deals and ENCOURAGE customers to buy from you (and no one else).
      Do you ACCELERATE revenue or WAIT for deals?
      Software customers require continual after-sale attention. You decrease sales cycles by PROACTIVELY turning customer support into a roadmap for success.

      STAGE 4 of the B2B Software Sales Funnel teaches you to drive follow-up purchases, make renewals automatic, and build marketable reference accounts.

      In B2B software sales, you shorten the sales cycle by grooming customers for the next success. When you don't know how, you will fail to defend the account (and maybe lose it, too).

      Learn to LEVERAGE a single success into multiple, recurring REVENUE STREAMS.
      Business Owner
      "Gregg was instrumental in finding, developing, and winning new business.

      I enjoyed working with Gregg and highly recommend him."
      Dir. Business Development
      "Gregg is creative, hard working, and skilled at helping customers see cause and effect with regard to their business problems.

      I am happy to work with him anytime!"
      Founder, PRG
      "Gregg combined deep domain knowledge with marketing savvy to produce a comprehensive curriculum.

      Throughout the process he was a pleasure to work with!"
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Putting the B2B Software Sales Funnel to Work in Your Business

      How do I get started?
      You attend a 3-day B2B Software Sales Funnel training workshop.
      What will I learn?
      You will learn the 4-stage, 16-task framework that enables business software sellers to IDENTIFY targets, ENGAGE prospects, ACQUIRE customers, and GROW existing business.

      This is an immersive workshop, not a passive lecture. You will apply the framework to your own sales & marketing collateral, improving your business in real-time with every lesson.
      How can I attend?
      To attend a training workshop you can choose to either:

      1) Join a Group Workshop with other software company leaders at our offices in Naples, Florida. The next workshop is October 3-5, 2017. Contact us to reserve your seat. 

      - OR -

      2) Request a dedicated Onsite Workshop for your team at your location. Contact us to schedule your workshop.
      What support do I get afterwards?
      Optimizing your revenue machine is an ongoing endeavor. So is your support from Software Sales School.

      Included with the workshop, you are automatically enrolled in our online learning system. You get 12-month access to the framework materials, course updates, AND a customer-only discussion thread where you can ask questions and leave feedback.

      The most successful companies never stop learning. If you're serious about growing sales, Software Sales School provides the advisory services you need to reach your goals, including regular coaching calls and additional training in-person, virtual-live, or online.
      Who else should attend?
      This is intensive learning for sales leadership. It should include founders, business strategy, and operations leaders. In our Group Workshops, we aim to train 6-8 leaders at a time.
      What are the prices?
      Prices rise with increasing demand, so contact us to lock in your price when you're ready to accelerate your software sales. As a guideline, the Onsite Workshop is the greater value if your organization is training three or more people.
      "Gregg is polished and professional yet also relates very well to working level people.

      I would actively seek him out again if I were doing a similar project in the future."
      Marketing Manager
      "What I admire most about Gregg is his consistent integrity with customers and colleagues.

      He is a natural leader and trustworthy mentor.​"
      Sr. Dir. Industry Strategy
      "Gregg adeptly integrates business and technical issues, moves easily across different levels of an organization, and speaks directly to each person’s interests and concerns."
      WHY ACT NOW?
      What's in It for You

      Become a Leading ACQUISITION Target
      Are you planning to SELL your company? Do you want to get ACQUIRED by a larger company? 

      The B2B Software Sales Funnel could help you TRANSFORM your sluggish sales funnel into a revenue generation machine. When you show buyers that you've built a CONSISTENT SALES SYSTEM, they'll choose your company over the other 10 eager targets.
      On-Board PRODUCTIVE Salespeople
      The B2B Software Sales Funnel could help you QUICKLY RAMP-UP new salespeople, marketers, and resellers to FULL PRODUCTIVITY at minimum hassle and expense.

      Unproductive salespeople can sink your business faster than you can bail it out. What would you pay to slash months off your time to full sales productivity?
      Accelerate PROFITABLE Growth
      The B2B Software Sales Funnel could help you FOCUS your B2B software sales efforts on the areas of greatest return and save years of time.

      Small software companies must grow or die. How much would you invest to PROFITABLY accelerate your revenue growth by years ahead of your competitors?
      Avoid COSTLY Missteps
      The B2B Software Sales Funnel could help you AVOID the sales & marketing missteps that plague small software companies and cost thousands of dollars.

      Many small software companies trust their fates to trial-and-error. Most fail. What would you invest to improve your odds of survival by 10x?
      What's STOPPING You From SHIFTING Into High Gear?
      ​​​​​Nothing impacts your revenue growth more than your sales funnel. Your sales funnel is the ENGINE that MAKES YOU MONEY.

      Every day that you suffer through a broken sales funnel, you miss sales you could have won. You lose customers to competitors. Your company becomes a less attractive acquisition target.

      SUPER-CHARGE your sales with the BEST ENGINE for small software businesses: the B2B Software Sales Funnel.