About Gregg Nichols, Founder of Software Sales School
Unmatched Expertise in B2B Software Sales
Everyday sales trainers have limited experience in the world of B2B software sales. That makes them dangerous. They may unknowingly mislead you and damage your sales.

Software Sales School founder, Gregg Nichols, has excelled in SIX ROLES dedicated to successful business software sales. For example:

SALES: Achieved 130% quota on $5.8M target

TECHNICAL SALES: Launched new product line for major reseller

SALES TRAINING: Trained hundreds of strategic, territory, and reseller sales people

MARKETING: Led strategic planning of $500M business line

CONSULTING: Created and led rollout of $100M sales framework

DEPLOYMENT: Designed and rolled-out application to network of 3,000 companies

Gregg knows what it takes to make businesses successful with software and turn them into lifelong, repeat accounts. He can help you master every aspect of B2B software sales.

Don't trust incomplete, unqualified sales advice. Software Sales School is the ONLY SINGLE SOURCE PROVIDER that can support you.
Customer List and Results Delivered
Here are some of the singular results Gregg Nichols has delivered for B2B software sales teams on four continents.

Enterprise Sales Team Expands Customer Footprint by $10M
The customer demanded that sales teams drive faster upsells. Gregg led their efforts to build a modular business case engine for a large industrial client. They rapidly shepherded follow-on purchases through the CFO's appropriations process, accelerating sales by $10M annually.
Resellers Grow Category Sales up to 25%
The customer's sales of data management products lagged far behind their competition. Gregg proposed and ran a national program to teach resellers how to cross-sell data management into their client base. Product sales jumped 15% - 25% across the VAR channel.
Industry Sales Team Launches $20M Vertical
The customer sought to capture a higher share of industry-specific sales opportunities. Gregg leveraged his multi-discipline expertise to develop the market research, solution strategy, and sales coverage to launch a medical devices sales group. Annual revenue increased $20M and a repeatable industry sales process was deployed across the company.
Strategic Sales Team Increases Win Rate 30%
As part of a long-term strategic plan, the customer aimed to dominate competitors in large, multi-product + services deals. Gregg led the rollout of a "challenger" sales engagement that provided insight into how business outcomes are tied to enabling technology. Sales wins climbed 30%, capturing hundreds of thousands of additional users.
Services Team Extends Multi-Year Contract with $30M Product
The customer was nearing the end of a 5-year contract employing hundreds of people around the world. Gregg identified a missed opportunity, secured development funding, and led the proof-of-concept team. The new application contributed $30M revenue and extended the contract by several years.
Customer and Partner Testimonials
VP Services
Gregg is an absolute thought-leader who is passionate about integrating business experience, insights, and technology to deliver great value.

Gregg is truly an executive coach with the credibility and intelligence to help leaders maximize performance.
Account Manager
In the several years we worked together, Gregg was critical to successful enterprise level solution sales.

An extremely intelligent colleague, he was professional, showed confidence in his work, created great rapport with customers, and showed great concern for knowing the customer's business.
Chairman, PLM World
Gregg was the lead consultant to us in developing a business case for the adoption of PLM and subsequent tracking of ROI metrics.

Gregg is a consummate professional with exceptional skills in technology to business alignment and communication.

I would gladly work with Gregg again.
Dir. Business Development
Gregg was a co-developer of several tools used in our business consulting methodology.

Gregg is creative, hard working, and skilled at helping customers see cause and effect with regard to their business problems.

Gregg is always eager to learn and to share his knowledge. I am happy to work with him anytime!
Business Owner
Gregg was instrumental in finding, developing, and winning new business.

His ability to effectively communicate to all levels of the organization in terms they understood was invaluable in establishing credibility, setting expecations, and winning over customers.

I enjoyed working with Gregg and highly recommend him.
Founder, PRG
Gregg was instrumental in developing the Product Realization curriculum for National University.

He combined deep domain knowledge with marketing savvy to produce a comprehensive curriculum.

​​​​​​​Throughout the process he was a pleasure to work with and volunteered countless hours to create an outstanding program!
Sr. Dir. Industry Strategy
Gregg is a true professional with great communication skills and an upbeat approach to work and life.

Gregg adeptly integrates business and technical issues, moves easily across different levels of an organization, and speaks directly to each person’s interests and concerns.

Gregg is one of the elite few who have worked across the globe. He is an asset to any organization.
Sr. Value Engineer
Gregg impressed me from the first day. He has many valuable qualities:

1) Creative thinking for methodology development

2) Excellent teaching ability for getting new hires up-to-speed

3) Superb analysis skills for diagnosing customer's business challenges and aligning solutions

I have a great time on every project with Gregg.
Marketing Manager
Gregg always showed strong dedication to customer satisfaction and problem solving.

Gregg consistently maintained a positive attitude in a fast paced and high stress environment and he was fun to work with.

What I admire most about Gregg is his consistent integrity with customers and colleagues.

He is a natural leader and trustworthy mentor.​
Gregg is polished and professional yet also relates very well to working level people.

He knows that projects get sold in the C-suite but succeed or fail on the floor.

I would actively seek him out again if I were doing a similar project in the future.